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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Home Made Ice Cream..Sans the Ice cream maker!

I always wanted one...an Ice cream maker that is....so finally one day I splurged...and spent $3.00 for it at the Goodwill.....what a waste...once you have that, you needed Rock salt, and it didn't have the recipes and .....etc... Annoyed. it's still sitting in my attic. SO....I thought...what the heck...why can't I just make ice cream and FREEZE it over night....

Then I had that concern..why does it have to be "churned" constantly...well so it doesn't all settle at the bottom and so on. so...I finally just DID it.....once I mix up my ingredients, I seal it in a nice "lock and lock" container (any tupper ware or sealable container will do, just love lock and lock!) shake it like a nut case...and throw it in the freezer...if Im home in about 2 hours...I shake it again...then leave it for overnight freezing....The next day, READY TO SCOOP!!!

Here is my recipe for COFFEE ICE CREAM!!! By far the best I have made YET...I will soon add on to this the other flavors :)

1 cup of milk
1 cup of sugar
2 tbsp of Instant coffee
2-3 cups of Heavy cream
a pinch of salt... literally a pinch
and If you wish, you can use caramel sauce and drop in a couple tbsp for some added sweetness.

Mix it all up really good, till you don't hear little sugar granules anymore. Then put your top on the container, and shake it really good! Throw it in the freezer over night and enjoy....IF YOU THINK of it..after about 2 hours..shake it again.

I reccommend tasting it any ANY POINT!!!! you won't be able to wait for it to freeze, but I promise you it's WORTH it!

Once you scoop this into your bowl, you will be SO proud of yourself, and amazed that YOU MADE THIS GORGEOUS CONCOCTION!!! GOOD LUCK!

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