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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Heath Bars in your own kitchen...by YOU!

First of all I am pregnant so when I see some of these crazy things I JUST HAVE TO TRY AND MAKE THEM!!!! So....here is the pic....recipe will follow....

WAY TOO time consuming, but still easy...if that makes sense....and a bit messy.
2 bags of chocolate chips
4 sticks of butter (i never said it was good for you!)
2 and 2/3 cups of sugar
1/4 of light corn syrup

use some more softened butter and grease a big cookie sheet. set aside

in a Big sauce pan, Melt butter, then add all ingredients (NOT CHOCOLATE).....bring to boil, and let boil stirring CONSTANTLY!!!! This is key, you don't want it to burn!!! Stick in a candy thermomter, and let it rest there, till temp reaches 290 degrees. you will see it turn a light golden brown color.....keep stirring.... Once it looks dark enough to you, remove from heat, and pour CAREFULLY INTO COOKIE SHEET!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once in cookie sheet wait about 30 minutes.....use a knife and score the size of your candy bars in the toffee...... then let it set totally.....about 2 hours. once it is set, you will be able to break it out of the cookie sheet.

First piece is the hardest to get out...some will shatter into little pieces...still tastes good to eat!!!

Then melt your chocolate chips only half a bag at a time in a double boiler....once melted nicely dip each piece of toffee into it...set aside on wax paper and throw in the fridge....Let it set for a few hours....the longer you wait the better they taste....SO GOOD! :)

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