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My name is Missy, I am a 31 year old mother of two gorgeous boys, and one gorgeous baby girl!!! My husband and I have been together for over 13 years,and without a doubt we were meant to be together! I love to sew, cook, bake, dance, listen to music,play with my kids, sing,and of course photography!!.....Just have fun and be happy!!! I hope you enjoy my blog and follow it faithfully!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


IT'S HERE!!! My husband and I are more than excited! We will be taking the Intelligender test tomorow morning!!!!! Can't wait to post the results!! Then we wait for the ultrasound to confirm it!! NO to answer your questions, Intelligender is not 100% accurate, but neither is ultrasound. If you read the box, they are VERY confident in the accuracy, and it is just as accurate as ultra sound!! Soooooooo Less than 24 hours to BABY BOY OR BABY GIRL!!! AND Once I give my results, I am going to choose A RANDOM reader to win one for themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT you must comment on TOMORROW'S POST!!!!! Stayyyyyyyyyyyyyy Tuned!!!

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  1. hahaha I can't wait to see <3 But I already know she's a gal. Love Carrie B!